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Protective equipment and cleaning supplies are an obvious choice during this time but because they're in high demand many supplies are out-of-stock. Enter UVClean.

Our UVClean line is part of the next generation of cleaning and safety products.

These products use a 4mW UV-C LED light to kill 99.9% of bacteria in two minutes. Use your UVClean device to sanitize everyday surfaces like desktops, keyboards, door handles, and probably the dirtiest object in your life... your smartphone, which harbors on average 20,000 distinct types of bacteria. Wiping down your smartphone or other tech products with soap and water may not be the best idea as the moisture can damage your device. UV cleaning can be utilized to sanitize your tech without risk of damage. 

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Co-Branding is a Win-Win-Win

Pair your brand with a well respected Brand and everyone wins.  Why hand-out an empty mug, tumbler or water bottle when there are so many great treats like The Toffee Store toffee.

Co-Branding is a Win-Win-Win
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